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PFST Major Programs, Activities and Services
  • Philippine Science Centrum (PSC) – established in 1990 as the Foundation’s flagship program. It is  combination of a science center and museum featuring over 100 interactive exhibits. To date, over 3 million students, teachers and the public in general have already been accommodated.
  • Traveling Exhibitions – since its maiden travel to Lapulapu City in 1995, the PSC’s mobile exhibitions have already visited more than 209 towns, provincial capitals, cities and regional centers across the country accommodating more than 4 million Filipinos in all walks of life. There are now 7 sets of PSC's mobile exhibitions - Adventures in Discovery, Sci-Fun Caravan, Science On the Move, Science Works!, Science Sparks!, Health Science On the Go, and Mobile Science.
  • Teacher’s Training – recognizing the importance of teacher factor in the youth’s education, this module is being offered to teachers and school administrators and supervisors on the interactive approaches in science teaching.The training can be customized according to the needs of the participants. Over the years, thousand of teachers have been trained all over the country. (See further details.)
  • Exhibit Development and Fabrication Services – during PSC’s 25 years of operation, it gained technical expertise in the development, design and fabrication of interactive exhibits. Schools, regional science centers and even, international museums from Brunei, Australia, Nepal and Malaysia have already tapped PSC’s services in this area. In 2007, the Science Centrum Fabrication Inc.(SCFI) was created to solely undertake the exhibit development and fabrication requirements of the PSC and other science centers locally and abroad.
  • Educational Program Design and Implementation – private companies and government agencies can tie-up with PFST in addressing their corporate social responsibility programs. The PFST has designed and implemented various educational programs like the Caltex/PNOC Sci-Art Program, Home Techno Science Camp, Science Journalism Workshop, Robotics Competitions, ICT Summit for the Youth, etc.



The Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology (PFST) was founded to promote science and technology among the youth. Its vision of establishing a science culture leading to a productive Filipino citizenry is being realized primarily through its flagship program: the Philippine Science Centrum.

The recipient of various awards and citations from the Philippine government, the PFST has been appointed in 1999 as the lead agency in implementing the Science for the Masses Program.