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About Us

Mission and Vision

Vision: A nation of science culture and productive citizenry

Mission: To promote science and technology consciousness among the youth, general public and various sectors in the society through the Philippine Science Centrum


  • To promote S&T appreciation and consciousness;
  • To develop and fabricate interactive exhibits;
  • To implement educational and outreach programs and trainings;
  • To conduct studies in the field of S&T promotion;
  • To address key issues in S&T affecting our country; and
  • To become a conduit in the exchange of S&T information.
Brief Background

In 1984, the Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology was established by a group of private individuals as a response to the government’s call for private sector support in the task of creating an environment of science conscious and literate populace, especially among the youth sector. The Department of Science and Technology has accorded two recognition To PFST: as an Outstanding S&T Foundation in 1997 and as the 1st GAWAD LIDER Awardee for Exemplary Leadership - Institution Category in 2007. The Department of Education recognizes the effectiveness of PFST's Philippine Science Centrum by issuing annual National Memorandum encouraging all schools to visit the PSC for educational field trips.

Board of Trustees  ( 2015 – 2016)

  • Engr. Meneleo J. Carlos Jr. – Chairman
  • Engr. Filemon T. Berba Jr. – President
  • Engr. Rodolfo C. Salazar – Vice President
  • Engr. Rogelio L. Luis – Treasurer
  • Dr. Corazon PB. Claudio – Trustee
  • Mr. Saturnino G. Belen, Jr. – Trustee
  • Engr. Jesus P. Francisco – Trustee
  • Engr. Ramon I. Castillo – Trustee
  • Engr. Nicanor S. Villasenor III – Trustee
  • Engr. Daniel H. Valeriano, Jr. –  Trustee
  • Atty. Ernesto L. Albano – Board Secretary


Council of Advisers (2015 – 2016)

  • Atty. Emmanuel C. Alcantara
  • Amb. Cesar B. Bautista
  • Dr. Jose B. Cruz, Jr.
  • Mr. Francis Ferrer
  • Dr. Ester A. Garcia
  • Engr. Renato T. Goco
  • Mr. Delfin Lazaro, Jr.
  • Atty. Jose D. Lina, Jr.
  • Dr. Federico M. Macaranas
  • Cong. Angelo B. Palmones
  • Engr. Cesar Virata
Management Team

May M. Pagsinohin
Executive Director

Luis Ferdinand A. Lesigues
Head, Programs and Communications

Edicel S. Herrera
Head, PSC Operations and Marketing Overseer

Nelson H. Natividad
Head, Traveling Exhibitions

Cris D. Marinay
Accountant, Finance Unit

Karen Jayne M. Cantos
Head, Marketing

Cristina T. Natividad
Administrative Officer


The Philippine Foundation for Science and Technology (PFST) was founded to promote science and technology among the youth. Its vision of establishing a science culture leading to a productive Filipino citizenry is being realized primarily through its flagship program: the Philippine Science Centrum.

The recipient of various awards and citations from the Philippine government, the PFST has been appointed in 1999 as the lead agency in implementing the Science for the Masses Program.